AMYNATOU SEYNI (NIG) – 60 m women

“I’m very happy of taking part in this meeting, I’ve managed to beat my PR and achieve the Meeting Record, so couldn’t be happier”

YARED NUGUSE (USA) – 1.500m men

“The strategy was get behing the pacer, follow him and keep pushing towards the end. Katir passed me but I thought I couldn’t stay calmed and pushed a bit more till the end.
I felt very great about this race. I think I came here to run fast and that’s exactly what I did, so I can’t be upset about that, I’m just really excited for what outdoors is going to bring. Outdoor season is going to be a lot longer than indoors so I need to be consistent throughout the entirety of the season not just the begining. Hopefully I’ll do my best at the Worlds Championship”

MOHAMED KATIR (ESP) – 1.500 m men

“If I say the truth, I didn’ t come to do any record. I was exhausted after the fast 3000m last weekend. I came to this Meeting to enjoy it. The public in this Meeting is just crazy. Today I was running slowly, hoping to reach the second runner, just hoping to do a good time. I have been telling since the summer that I’ m not going to the European Championship. My main goal is to beat the European record. I am happy with the season for now”

MARIO GARCÍA ROMO (ESP) – 1.500 m men

“It has been a very rare race, I have found myself alone at all times, it has cost me a little in the middle but I managed to get hooked on Jesus and endure until the end”

“I have refused to compete at the European Championship, so I am already thinking about Outdoors, I’m already waiting for the official calendar to come out to look for a Diamond League competition like Oslo. For the time being, I’ll have a week of loading and resting very well.
I will try to do some 800 and a mile this year too.
I’ll watch this European championship from home, and I will try to learn and enjoy as always.”

DANIEL ROBERTS (USA) – 60 m hurdles men

“I felt really good, It’s a great meeting with a lot of good competitors, and It has been a fast track, I just wanted to come out there and do my best and I did.
The last time I ran this time I had a great outdoor season, so I’m just looking at starting the season off with a PR like this, 7.39, going to outdoors hopefully drop that pr down too. Let’s see what we can do in the world champs this year”

ENRIQUE LLOPIS (ESP) – 60 m hurdles men

I’m dizzy, I’m tired, I went on the track and I didn’t have the strength but thanks to the public I’ve got my strength. I really wanted to compete here, I knew I didn’t have as much strength as the weekend but I’m very happy and very comfortable”

“I’m at my best, there has been a change this season in the professional part, I’m giving my 100%, so much nutrition, rest, recovery… and I think it’s being noticed.”

METTER GRAVERSGAAD (DEN) – 60 m hurdles women

“I really love Madrid and running here. I’ve also competed here last year and the atmosphere is so nice and crazy. I am really happy to get the national record. The only thing frustrating is that I have run the same time several times , maybe seven in a row, from 8.00 to 8.04, so it is really nice to get 7. 99”


“This competition in Madrid was close, my win was in the third jump and the second jumper couldn’t be coser. I have been in other competitions where the victory was difficult, but in the end I win. I am satisfied with today’s meeting. I am ready to win in comming championships. I have donated my shoes for the children of Turquey and Syria, victims of the recent earthquakes”

“I was particularly tired because I have done many jumps lately”

REETTA HURSKE (FIN) – 60 m hurdles women

“This season I’ve been healthy, no injuries, so my season has been good. I have has good trainings as well, more intensly. I am in good shape. At the European I expect a medal. I think the victory there will be with a time of 7, 70 something. I’ll try to run faster than today”

NADINE VISSER (NED) – 60 m hurdles women

“I am not happy with my race. My heats were quite good. I wanted to be better in the final. My start was very up in the first step, so I was chasing for the whole race. Next week is more important. Running here is really nace. Two years ago I won my PB here. My goal is to get my European Championship and, of course, the Worlds in the summer. But more important is to stay healthy”

CYRENA SAMBA-MAYELA (FRA) – 60 m hurdles women

“I’m very happy with the result, It’s been a long time since I had such a good sensation. Competing with such good athletes pushes you to be better and not missing, that’s the point of great meetings like this. My goal in the European is to win, of course, but first is always to take pleasure. I’m so grateful for the sensation that I had today and I really hope it continues to be this way in the European Championship, It would turn out to be a great party”.

AMOS BETT (KEN) – 800 m men

“I feel wonderful. This was my first indoor competition and it could not have been better, also with this fantastic audience. I want to come back to this Meeting in the future. For a clase future I hope to run 7.20”

SAÚL ORDÓÑEZ (ESP) – 800 m men

“Looking to Estambul. First I have to recover, rest and of course give everything there. I’m going to do my career like I did today, I’m not looking out for anyone else.
Today I wasn’t thinking about making a Spanish record, after the gold this weekend we were very tired, but I’m satisfied.”

ÓSCAR HUSILLOS (ESP) – 400 m men

“The main thing today was to win. After the weekend the first thing is to rest. The important thing was to win at home with this public, which never disappoints.
I am very happy with the performance of the weekend and also with the preparation of Istanbul that is going great.
I’m the current European champion, we’re going to fight to get into the final and I hope to get the gold.”
“In relation to the 4×400 relay, it has been difficult for us to qualify, we have had bad years, but last year we started on the path of victory. We are where we have to be, we have a good team to be fighting for everything in Istanbul and why not in Budapest.”

MARIANO GARCÍA (ESP) – 800 m men

Honestly, I felt myself really bad on the first 100m, on the curve, but I didn’ t want to give up. I wanted to finish the race. I didn’t prepare this race.

SARAH MITTON (CAN) – Shot put women

I’ve been having a really good indoor season. I started really strong with the throw of 19.80m. I love being out there with those girls, they are very strong and they push me a lot. I’m usually in seconds so It’s really nice to have this role of hitting the first place for once.
My goal for today was to throw over 20 and I felt a little short of that, I’ve been dealing with elbow issues, so to be able to come out with 19.76 was really good for me. I can’t really find my speed here so I’m very excited to carry that in the outdoords, and get more records, I’m hopping to be consistent over 20m”.

CHASE EALY (USA) – Shot put women

“I expected to do it better, although I have to admite I didn’ t prepare this competition thoroughly. But I am happy for my indoor season. In summer I am gonna win at the Worlds”

MARY MORAA (CUB) – 800 m women

“I’m so happy because it’s my first attempt to run indoor. I’m willing to do some work so that I can improve for next year indoor competitions. Overall it’s my 3rd time running indoor, so I don’t have much experience so far, I have to do speed work.
I’ve run a lot since last year, for now I’m willing to focus on world wide Championship.

NOÉLIE YARIGO (BEN) – 800 m women

“I was the favourite because I am the number 2 of the World. I always run to win. For the World Championship I do hope to reach the final, because I always fall in semis. This time I have to reach the final”

LIADAGMIS POVEA (CUB) – Triple jump women

“My main goal is to be in the top three in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and the upcoming World Championship in Budapest”

“Madrid is amazing, it’s the third or fourth time I’ve competed here, also where I’ve done one of the best indoor brands and I would like to continue competing.”

LEYANIS PÉREZ (CUB) – Triple jump women

“My preparation towards the World Championships is going well until now. I have my hopes for that championship. Inside the Cuban team we have a good rivalry with my compatriot Povea. We help each other. This pitch in Gallur is great and the atmosphere that the audience creates also”

Patricia Mamona (POR) – Triple jump women

“I’m not happy with the result even thought I was jumping inside of the norm, I was just not getting the board right so there are some adjustments I have to do in my approach because I didn’t have enough time to consolidate what I’ve done this year, I’ve been dealing with an injury and only started jumping two weeks ago. Now it’s time to get all my errors fixed and then focus for Istanbul.
Every competition is a new goal, is a new challenge and europeans is going to be another challenge, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to compete because of my injury but since I actually started doing quite good on the first two competitions, I’m going to think about Istanbul, getting my errors fixed and jump as far as posible and obviusly I’m going to fight for the medal”


Mohamed Katir – 1500m

“If we start at 3:30 pace, clearly the Spanish record (3:33.32) can fall… And if we are at it, why not try the world record?”

Mariano García – 800m

“Let’s see if we can run under 1:45, so I’d break the Spanish record. Last year I came very close, earlier this season too, and I’m looking forward to do it.”

Yared Nuguse – 1500m

“Definitely I can run in 3:30 low, or even attack the world record, but it depends on how the race would go.”

Chase Ealey – Shot put

“I had a tough start of the season but now I’m close to my best shape”.

Cyréna Samba-Mayela – 60m hurdles

“I’m feeling good and I’ve been working on the same line I did last year. I ran here in 2020 and I know this track is fast.”