The World Athletics Indoor Tour Gold moves on to Madrid for the final meeting of the 2024 series on Friday 23 February. The event was presented on Thursday morning at CDM Gallur — where world 60m hurdles world record-holder Devynne Charlton, world shot put champion Tom Walsh, European 800m indoor champion Adrián Ben and Spain’s 3000m indoor record-holder Marta García answered the media questions at pre-meeting press conference.

Tom Walsh:
“The shot put competition it’s gonna be tough. Everyone is in good shape. If you ask my wife, she will prefer I get the 10,000 dollars (rather than throwing 22 meter) [laughs]. I know if I do what I need to do, it’ll be fine”.

Devynne Charlton:
“I’m in better shape (than two weeks ago, when she broke the world record) as I’m getting ready for the world championship. I’m making adjustments in my technique and executions. Tomorrow I will try to break the world record. I think it’s a pressure and a privilege at the same time to be the top seed at the World Indoor Championship”.

Adrián Ben:
“The 800 meter is the highest level event in Spain, and I’m very happy with that because it makes us grow, specially ahead of international competitions like the World Athletics Indoor Tour final”.

Marta García:
“If everything goes well, tomorrow I will set a new personal best and will do a good job at the race. It will be an interesting competition because we are all very close, but I think I can do it well in a fast race. I was looking forward to race in the 1500m, even more at home”.