“This is a birthday gift for myself. I am very happy with today’s results, I could’ve done more, but I came here with some problems in the ischium. Gallur is a track where I always like to compete, and Madrid is like my second home.”

“I have my sight set on Paris, it will be my first competition with the Spanish team and I am very excited.”

“I’m going to Paris with everything I’ve got, I’m going for one of the medals.”


The truth is that I wasn’ t going to do the indoor season. I changed coach.  Now we are preparing the World Championships in Glasgow and this meet was the perfect time to compete because Glasgow is in 8 days. My aims and hopes are set on the Paris Olympics. In Tokio I came 5th and this time I want to give a good result for my country


This competition in Madrid was very useful for the preparation for the World Championships. I have run very differently than in other occasions. This time I have been in the front. Running this competition in Madrid has helped me a lot to put myself in shape for Glasgow. I run every competition to win.


This is my 6th race of the season, so I’m pretty satisfied, everything went how I wanted. I got to do PB and Meeting Record, I’m not much surprised about It, because I’ve been regular around this time of the season, and 51.11 is perfect for the time being. I’m looking forward for the World Championship and we’ll see what It comes out to be.


I didn’t feel myself fine from a technical point of view, but felt well physically. I definitely expected more from this competition, but my goal is in Glasgow, which is very soon, so I do hope I will perform better there.


I feel frustrated at my form today, but I still have a week to improve. Honestly, I expected more from this competition. I have no expectations for the World Championships,  just to do a good throw. That’s my focus right now.

I was in very good shape, for that reason I don’ t understand my result here today


I was expecting to beat the national record as I’m a few hundredths away, but today’s my 5th race this week, so I’ve started very tired after all the training. On Sunday I fly to a training camp so I’ll try to get better.

Now I think that after a big training preparation I will be able to run even quicker than indoors, today It wasn’t exactly how I imagined It, but that’s sport, we have to take It.


This has been my first time jumping not only in Madrid, but in Spain and I feel really happy. The atmosphere here in Gallur has been amazing. I believe I can jump higher. I have greatly enjoyed winning here against great competitors. This motivates me a lot. This has been the end of my preparations. My only wish is to jump well.


“I have a bittersweet taste from this race, it has been a good mark, but I came for more.”

“Competing in Madrid is incredible; I couldn’t describe it to you.”

“For Glasgow I feel strong, I feel very good, I am ready to run more than I have done before, and if it doesn’t work out we will have a good base for the summer.”


I felt really well here today.  This track is very fast. To be honest, I expected a result like this because I am in very good shape. I hope to enjoy and have fun in Glasgow and do big things. Have fun but also learn a lot from having great athletes close to me.  I am very motivated after the win here today.


“In the last race I had I didn’t feel very good, but today here in Madrid it went much better. I managed to win the race with a good finish, so it is a very good sign for the World Championships, it is a very good mark for the championship.”

“The indoor season is not as important as the outdoor season, because the Olympic Games and the European Championships will be held outdoors and those are my main goals.”

TOM WALSH (Shot put). NZL

I would’ve loved to have thrown a little bit further and beaten Rajindra. I feel like I had a really good go, It was a really good competition for me, so when It comes to winning and not nailing a throw it doesn’t feel that bad. I know that i have a lot of gas in the tank for Glasgow.

My wife is always by my side, so she would be proud that I’ve done what I had to win the WIT, but when I get home she will probably ask me for the money.


It’ s always a great experience to compete in Madrid. Right now I am in a very good shape. I have seen this as a preparation for Glasgow. There I expect to be on top of the podium, as well in Paris.  The level today in this competition was so high, with the Italians for example, that pushed me to do something great. I knew I had to do something special for that reason.


I’m so happy for the win as the WIT is a very beautiful race. I’ve been preparing the World championships, so this was my last race before it, and I’m feeling great as I’ve done PB.

I didn’t have a strategy, and it was a difficult race as I’ve run alone most part of the race, but it’s ok, it’s the game.

I’m very surprised to have beaten the Ethiopians as it’s very difficult, so I can only say that I’m really happy.


I’m happy to have competition around me, the guys have run super fast they’re doing super good running PBs, it’s very fun to have such a great level in Europe. Obviously, we’re always trying to beat them guys, but it’s hard.

I definitely tried to run fast, maybe doing PB, I tried to run the race but didn’t really get into It. Like I said this guys are so fit, so for you to win you really need to be on top of the game.

Paris is just around the corner, I’m feeling good, looking forward for upper season and for that coming Olympic Games.

PIOTR LISEK (Pole vault) POL

It’s not my first time in Madrid.  I don’t remember well when it was: 2019 or 2018. I jumped 5.80 and I lost with Filipidis. This is my first win in Madrid and in Spain, so thank you for having me. I am so glad.  Your support from the grandstand was amazing, so thank you very much. I am so happy to win. In Glasgow I will go to have fun. I love this sport. We’ll see what   happen in Glasgow.

TEDDY TAMGHO (Triple jump). FRA

I’ve started the season right now because I know that I have to compete soon and figure out which is the point that I have to fix. That’s why I’ve started so early. Given this, I’m very happy for what I did today, very happy for the crowd, and specially to be back after five years, because I didn’t know if I’d be able to jump again.

I want to close my book in a wonderful way, that’s why I’m starting to compete, I have the same aim, my aim is to qualify to the Olympics and I think I will.

Devynne Charlton (60mh): BAH

“Right now, I’m on cloud nine, I set all these goals. I said I wanted to win the tour, I said I wanted to break the record and I said I wanted to be world champion, so now all I have to do is tick one box and I’m on the right path.”

“I am competing, and I am enjoying it, my coach always said that I could run at this level and I am proving it.”

“Two years ago, I came second in Belgrade and now I’m going for gold.”

“In outdoors, I know they are going to run a lot, the world record is going to be in jeopardy because there are many girls running and they have been reserved for that moment.”

Charlton threatens world record in Madrid (WA webpage)